Jayna Packaging gets EFI Pro 30h

Mumbai-based Jayna Packaging has invested in an EFI Pro 30h. The wide-format LED printer was supplied and installed by Arrow Digital.

27 Dec 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Haresh Mehta, director of Jayna Packaging with the EFI Pro 30h

Haresh Mehta, director of Jayna Packaging, said, “The EFI Pro 30h has already exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Its wide-format capabilities and EFI ink’s colour gamut are truly remarkable. It can handle substrates of various sizes and materials, opening doors to a multitude of applications, from day/night backlit graphics to interior decoration, point-of-purchase display stands, retail signage, and much more. The possibilities seem limitless."

He added, “The EFI Pro 30h is equipped with EFI UltraDrop technology, ensuring exceptional print quality with a grayscale printing capability of 7pL and a remarkable resolution of up to 1,200-dpi. Moreover, it features a magnetic linear drive for precise drop placement and an extended colour gamut, setting Jayna Packaging apart from the competition.”

Sam Patel, CEO and managing director of Arrow Digital, said, “It's our pleasure to witness this partnership helping their business grow. This is our second collaboration with Jayna, following the success of the EFI H1625 LED UV hybrid printer.”

Patel said the EFI Pro 30h offers wide versatility and opportunities. Plus, the combination of EFI’s hybrid and LED curing technology ensures not only higher quality but also faster turnaround times.

Mehta added, “The boost in productivity, reaching up to 2,477-ft²/hr, is a transformative advantage for our operations. It enables us to tackle a greater number of projects and deliver them more swiftly than ever before. The continuous board feature maximises our production speeds, while the seamless transition between rigid and flexible printing proves to be a valuable time-saving feature. Additionally, the dual-roll printing system further enhances our overall throughput.”

He added, “In addition to the cutting-edge technology, it's worth noting that without Arrow’s world-class support of skilled engineers and staff who are the backbone of our partnerships. Moreover, the commitment and expertise of this team have been instrumental in ensuring the seamless integration and optimal performance of the EFI Pro 30h at Jayna Packaging.”