Java Paper announces availability of Invercote digital range

Mumbai-based paper merchant Java Paper Group has announced the availability of Invercote digital range of paperboard.

10 Jun 2019 | By Noel D'Cunha

Java Paper introduces new digital range

Iggesund Paper Mill manufactures the paperboard in Sweden. The digital range comprises Invercote G, a one-sided, triple-coated matt SBS board, Invercote Creato a two-sided double-coated matt SBS board, and now also the metallic silver laminated board Invercote Metalprint. All of the products in the range are fully guaranteed on both toner-based and HP Indigo presses.

Java had introduced the MetalPrint at PrintPack India 2019, with displays of the MetalPrint paperboard printed on HP Indigo 12000 at the show.

According to Hema Java, marketing manager at Java, the MetalPrint paperboard is laminated with metallised PET to the print side, making it suitable for decorative printings where a metallic effect is required. The paperboard is said to have superior surface smoothness and barrier properties. “Metalprint is for applications where a luxury appeal is required such as wine and spirits; perfume and cosmetics; pharmaceuticals; brochures; confectionery; and such.”

Among the other Invercote paperboard range, Invercote G is suitable for packaging, greetings cards, book covers and commercial print applications and is available in various weights from 200-350gsm, while the Invercote Creato is targeted at high-quality packaging and for where the boards need to be creased across both grain directions. It is available in various weights from 200-400gsm.

The Invercote MetalPrint is HP  Indigo-certified is guaranteed for printing on HP’s Indigo 10000, 12000 and 30000 series presses. It is available in B2+ size sheets in a single weight of 329gsm.

“We have seen good growth in the demand for high-quality media for the digital market and hence decided to enhance our offerings by adding the newly launched Invercote Metalprint to the range,” said Java.

The new Invercote digital range joins Java’s portfolio of existing Invercote packaging products.

Invercote MetalPrint: B2+ size sheets in a single weight of 329gsm