Jaipur’s Redray Global gets Ricoh

Jaipur-based Redray Global recently invested in a Ricoh Pro C5300S with an additional paper feeding unit. The machine was supplied by Monotech Systems.

27 Aug 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Nishant Sethi, CEO, Redray Global LLP with the new Ricoh

Nishant Sethi, CEO, Redray Global LLP, said, “We have been associated with Monotech Systems for almost 10 years now. Earlier, we purchased a Konica Minolta kit and a few wide-format printers from Monotech. Now, we decided to go for the Ricoh kit to keep our quality standards intact. Monotech’s service has been the major attribute which has kept us holding onto them. Ricoh has definitely been a very good investment, and for our budget, the Ricoh Pro C5300S was the best buy option.”

The 16-year-old enterprise is a one-stop solution for all paper packaging needs. Sethi’s father Kailash Jain looks after procurement, and wife Juhee Jain handles, creates and runs systems and processes and Sethi, along with his team, works on sales.

Sethi said there has been a rising demand for more and more digitally printed jobs. “With the rise of eCommerce, budding entrepreneurs are trying to develop their product lines with an initial demand of fewer quantities of packaging material which can be achieved easily in digital. We have also shifted most of our short-run jobs on the Ricoh Pro C5300S,” he said.

The company is using the machine only for in-house production, thus staying away from competition and price war. “We do exclusive work related to sampling, packaging, labelling and some other unique products that we offer. With so many brands now offering production printers, there has been a price war in the job work market with refurbished lines. But investing in a new machine always keeps us on the edge over others,” he said.

On choosing Ricoh, he added, “We had done a little bit of homework on Ricoh’s quality standards and we were waiting for it to come back to India after a long break. Since our focus is not the usual commercial printing, adopting Ricoh was not a tough decision. We have got what we wanted in terms of price, quality and service.”

Along with the Ricoh, the company has also installed a Roland 640i for print and cut labels, a digital die-cutter for short-run shaped label jobs, and an automatic rigid box-making machine with auto-gluer, side-pasting and a grooving machine.

Sethi said there has been a remarkable shift in production efficiency and delivery deadlines since the installation. “We have also seen a shift in customer satisfaction with better quality delivered. Also, 350-gsm duplex printing has enabled us to increase our media usage, thus offering more options to our clients,” he said.