ITC bags silver at 2019 Dow Packaging Innovation Awards

ITC’s Printing and Packaging Division received the silver award at the 2019 Dow Packaging Innovation Awards for its breathable wheat flour pack with air release control design for Aashirvaad Atta.

27 Sep 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

Breathable wheat flour pack with air release control design

According to ITC, the new packaging design has disrupted the traditional way wheat flour is packed in the country, where a PET/Polyethylene based laminate is used with the incorporation of pinholes to eradicate the air entrapped inside the pack.

The demerits of pinholes, as claimed by the company are that the pinholes are usually non-uniform in certain cases they seem to block the product. The pinholes don’t allow the entrapped air to escape the pack, thus, further weakening the pack, especially during transit and storage.

As a solution for this, ITC's breathable wheat flour pack with air release control design comprises of micro holes in specific areas to remove the headspace air immediately during the packing and filling operations. These holes enable the entrapped air to escape from the pouch and prevent bursting of the pouch during transit and storage.

In addition, the micro holes fulfil the functionality of infestation control by means of breathability or venting out of the heat during transit and storage. This helps the product to withstand challenging environments and also provides an extended shelf life. It also provides additional functionality of anti-skid by means of frictional properties, which holds the pack together during transit, storage and product display at supermarkets.