In-Store Asia 2019: HP offers complete package of eco-friendliness

At the 12th edition of In-Store Asia, the trade show for retail resources and investments in store design, VM and in-store marketing, Santosh Nair of HP spoke about HP’s eco-friendly solutions along with the merits of its presence across the country.

20 Mar 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Santosh Nair of HP

HP showcased a range of samples printed on HP Latex R printer series, which, according to Nair, is the world’s first platform that uses water-based Latex inks.

The R series is capable of printing on rigid as well as flexible substrates and it has its applications in retail, decoration, window graphics, outdoor signage, and exhibitions.

A specific area at In-Store Asia 2019 was dedicated to a wall which highlighted the nominations for the 11th annual VM&RD awards which was not only printed using the HP Latex but also the substrate that was used was PVC-free. “It is a complete package of eco-friendliness,” said Nair.

According to Nair, the highlight of the machine is that it's highly versatile, and it is an attempt to completely change the way a rigid print is looked upon.

“When people talk about sustainability, they only speak about inks, but what about the base media? It's still flex. We can provide PVC-free solutions for even 30-40-feet long panels where the entire end product is completely eco-friendly,” added Nair.

Nair strongly believes that if sustainability is in the picture then the circular economy has to fall in place.

He said, “We are focusing on reverse engineering, for instance, we are trying to figure out the way the cartridge industry works where the cartridges are taken out, and how it can be recycled. So, step by step, we are trying to go green, first with inks in place, then the material and other such alternatives."

According to Nair, due to HP’s wide number of installations across the country, it has the right bandwidth and platform to produce a consistent quality of print in the remotest of locations, which is the biggest challenge faced by the customers during a campaign rollout.

He said, “What customers think at a central level, they try to emulate it on a pan India level. And in that process, they often face challenges such as inconsistent colour and print quality and so on”

Nair believes that the major reason for the quality not being under control is that the customers have no visibility over the process at various locations. In addition to it, there is the indulgence of the third party which again affects the consistency of print till it reaches the end-user.

“But, in the case of HP, its foolproof network enables it to deliver consistent inks in one single platform, the ones that can give the customers real justice to their campaign launch,” said Nair.