Indot creates magic with digital print

Indot is headquartered in Chalakudy in Kerala. The parent company, Indot Color World is a five centre operation which produce 150 photo albums daily at each of its ops, This includes centres in Chennai and Pune, as well as multiple collection centres across Kerala.

26 Dec 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

Sushil Kumar, managing partner of Indot says, "Digital on-demand printing reduces the environmental impact of printing. Digital printing allows you to print exactly what you need, when you need, and where you need it, as opposed to analog printing."

Operations at Indot are an eye opener. Commercial printers print on paper. Packaging converters extend it a bit more. But Indot raises the bar with an array of finished products that include engravings or gold media with a coating varnish or eight to nine layers of text which is directly printed on acrylic and leather.

No wonder, Indot is a leader in photo album production and photobooks. The company reigns supreme. Sushil Kumar, says, "Leading photographers seek customised and unique products, based on their themes for the wedding/ event. So they have been approaching us for better finished products."

Sushil Kumar adds, "Before there were only one or two substrates for printing and with this kind of machine we can use all kind of substrates in surface printing. So it gave a lot of mileage for creating new products. We can print on any kind of surface even on wood. We are really in a trend-setting mode in our marketing, so a lot of people are coming for customised things."


To boost product Indot boasts of a fleet of HP Indigo and Fujifilm Acuity. The hardware is backed with a X-Rite colour management system "which is being used to ensure that highest form of colour quality is achieved." Plus an array of debossing and embossing machines, screen printing kit, and laser engraving and CNC machine.

Sushil Kumar is proud of "the CMYK plus vivid green and vivid pink which can be produced of the HP Indigo 7900." With the Acuity Advance Select Fujifilm, the Indot team takes advantage of grayscale print heads to produce high definition and smooth graduations (in skin tones for example)."

This is the reason Sreekumar Muriyad, Thrissur-based wedding photographer says, "Indot provides complete printing solutions for wedding albums, characterised by quality service, creative printing and album making in varied styles and formats, and a great support team that delivers satisfaction."

Sushil Kumar says, "One USP is the UVijet UV inks which produce vibrant images and enable Indot to match a wide range of brand and spot colours." In addition, there is clear ink to add impact using a spot or flood clear with uniform finish.

For some jobs, Indot deploys white ink to produce images on transparent or coloured materials. When the PrintWeek India team visited the Indot unit, one thing that stood out was the ability to print colour-white-colour layers in one pass for two-sided images on transparent materials. Also the ability to print stunning backlit images direct on transparent media.

Arunsol, a Trivandrum-based wedding photographer says, "Indot is just brilliant. Their quality of albums is best in the industry and we have a great working relationship. I wish their team the very best."

Indot has solid in-house expertise to ensure designing and colour remedies, heritage transformation, tailor-made needs of customer. The team consists of graphic designers, photographers and artists who ensure quality products. The team works round-the-clock so as to ensure prompt delivery and customer satisfaction.

Sushil Kumar sums up the key to creating extraordinary jobs, "Professional printing and binding services offer easy creation of photobooks with professional layouts and individual layout capabilities. Because of the integrated design and order workflow, hardcover bound books with customized pictures and text can be produced cost-effectively.

Creativity at Indot

The HP Indigo 7900 digital press, perhaps the fastest 13x19 inch format digital sheetfed press in the South India market. It ensures 6-colour photo printing which includes: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, vivid green and vivid pink.

Fuji Acuity Advance Select UV flatbed printer which can print on a range of rigid and flexible PoP materials up to 50.8mm thick and the white ink option provides an opportunity to print high value materials like wood, metal, clear and coloured products

The Acuity Advance Select platform includes features which can optimise image quality and improve image quality uniformity through full print-bed mapping.

One of Indot’s album cover has an engraving effect gelled with gold media and a coating varnish for the letters.

Also Indot has produced a job with eight layers detailed on ink on the micro-text. Sushil Kumar says "Earlier this was not easy to create. Now I can print directly on acrylic." This is a ‘hot’ design at Indot with a base black colour along with a combination of white ink.

The number of albums and art objects Indot produces is staggering. Sushil Kumar says, “Everyone now realises, we not only produce photo albums, but are also very creative with print. This has been possible only because of our technology and our team."