Indonet forays into premium printing with Fujifilm Revoria

Delhi-based Indomagic, a subsidiary of Indonet Technologies, has added a Fujifilm Revoria PC1120 in its production unit.

21 Oct 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Established in 2000, Indonet is a leading printing solution provider for books, wedding albums, wedding cards and so on

“Since our inception, Indonet Technologies has successfully established itself for quality products and comprehensive solutions, from designing to finishing. We were seeking for a solution which further helps us to cater to clients who demand innovative solutions. With the capability of the 10 colours of this new press and in-house designer team, we are now able to do a lot more creativity and innovations,” Manish Sachdeva, owner of Indonet Technologies, said.

Established in 2000, Indonet is a leading printing solution provider for books, documents, letterheads, presentations, certificates, posters, leaflets, flyers, wedding albums, wedding cards and so on. 

The Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 press is equipped with 10 colours and six stations. At a time two specialty colours can be utilised in combination of overlay and underlay. In addition to CMYK toner, it comes with gold, silver, clear, white, pink, and textured toners. With a combination of gold and silver, umpteen shades of metallic can be achieved which helps to corner the market. Changing of specialty toner is also effortless and time-saving.

“We’re in the photo printing and commercial printing business; our business demands use of a variety of materials from non-tearable to lustre paper to plastic films and each material has specific property. While printing plastic-based material, static charge can cause sheets to stick together during stacking. We were really impressed when we saw the effectiveness of the static eliminator module in Revoria. It solves our problems and helps in stacking the printed sheets without sticking to each other,” Sachdeva added.

The machine can print onto stock from 52 to 400-gsm and can handle SRA3 sheets and banners up to 1,200-mm. This is an ideal machine for print houses catering to various types of jobs. 

“We worked closely with Indonet to test various materials, to make creative use of the specialty colours, and address the growing demand for premium products. We, at Insight, are driven by the core value of solution offering, trust, and commitment. We are glad to add Indonet Technologies to our Revoria family.” Vikas Dagar, general manager for Fujifilm Revoria business at Insight Print Communications, said.