IndiaCorr 2018: Emba’s innovative platform for 30,000 boxes per hour

Emba Machinery will showcase how to double the production capacity of RSC boxes using its TwinFeed Dual Box converting line and Ultima technology platform.

17 Sep 2018 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

EMBA 245 QS Ultima with DualBox

Chiranjeevi Sastry, sales director - South Asia, Emba said, “The TwinFeed Dual Box converting line that Emba provides is only such of its kind, available in the market with 33,000 boxes per hour productivity.”

Sastry explained, “The TwinFeed is an option for the Emba 245 QS Ultima to enable feeding two identical sheets from 280 mm up to 520 mm in running direction in a single machine cycle. The extended Emba Magna XL VSC slotting unit makes it possible to make the slots on both sheets in the slotting unit. The result: up to 30,000 boxes per hour. And there will be no tolerance variations between the boxes. It’s like having two machines in one.”

Along with the Twin Feed Dual Box converting line, Emba will also display its non-crush converting technology and provide service strategies for the Indian market.