IndiaCorr 2018: E+L to showcase automated web systems

Erhardt + Leimer India will display its range of automated systems at IndiaCorr Expo 2018 from 4-6 October at the Bombay Exhibition Centre.

17 Sep 2018 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Contactless web cleaning system

The range of automated systems on display will include Corr aligner system, Elcorr Tlc roller, web tension control system and web cleaning system.

Amit Kumar Gupta, manager- sales, Erhardt + Leimer India, said, “The web cleaning system is a new product for the Indian corrugation industry. It enables dust removal from the board surface to achieve much cleaner boards to ensure a better printing quality thereby leading to much fewer rejections in the market.”

The Corr aligner system is used for an automatic alignment of single faced webs at the bridge of the machine with respect to the position of top liner paper.

The Elcorr Tlc roller is a self-adjusting mechanical roller which is used for compensating cross tension variation is the paper to achieve uniform contact and heat distribution in the paper for better bonding and warp elimination.

“Proper web alignment and tension control ensures the reduction in break-down time of the machine and reduces the start-up wastage and warping problems, thus improving the overall quality”, added Gupta.

This web tension control system and components are applicable for automatic tension control of paper at the reel stand with respect to changing the diameter of paper rolls.

The application areas of Erhardt + Leimer’s machines include textile, paper, corrugated card, printing and tire industry in the efficient design of their production processes.