In five years, all companies will print digitally: Dr Smyth

The second in the webinar series by PrintWeek-HP Indigo, which aimed to uncover real possibilities in commercial printing, was 20 October 2021 with Dr Sean Smyth, a print consultant with Smithers Pira, who shared insights on the latest trends and future of the Indian commercial print industry.

22 Oct 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Dr Sean Smyth

Dr Smyth was joined by the HP Indigo team – Ashok Pahwa, business manager-commercial, HP Indigo, India and Sri Lanka, Gaurav Chadha, business manager-commercial, APAC and Japan and Chulsan Shim, regional commercial category manager, HP Indigo APAC and Japan. Together the team will showcase how HP Indigo presses can become that vital cog in a company’s transformation.

During the webinar, print pundits urged the print agencies to wake up and challenge clients' perceptions. As an industry, have we become over-obsessed with spreadsheets?

Watch the recording of the webinar.