Kolli Graphics installs BoxMate, automatic blanks separator

Hyderabad based-Kolli Graphics installed an automatic blank separator machine, BoxMate manufactured by Korea-based SpTech.

13 Nov 2017 | By Rahul Kumar

The automatic blank separator machine was supplied by its Indian representative Global Printech Graphics.

Parasurami Kolli, director, Kolli Graphcis, said, “It’s an excellent machine which meets our requirement well. It saves lot of time in stripping and also dependency on the people is minimised. It supports us in timely delivery of the supplies to our customers.”

This machine is very useful to the packaging industry for the offline stripping and separating the blanks. And the uniqueness of the machine is that it has an auto feeder with pallet loading, Kolli added.

According Rahul Gami of Global Printech Graphics, the machine has a user-friendly design, with touch-screen controller, multiple job saving functions and safety controls.  The make ready time for the job is less than 15 minutes. The machine can separate the blanks with a max sheet size of 1100mmx800mm and with minimum size of 500mmx450mm with adjustable stack height. The stack height can vary between 60mm to 120mm and it takes less than 10 second per line stripping and about 30 second to 60 second for one full stack depending on the number of cartons on the sheet.

Kolli, an electronics engineer, with an MBA, added, “Earlier, we would strip the cartons manually, which naturally slowed down the speed of our production. Now with the new machine, on an average, we have managed to save around seven hours in round-the-clock operation, thus increasing overall productivity.”

Along with the separator, Kolli Graphics also recently invested UV printing press, foil stamping and folder and gluer and has increased the capacity by 200%,” said Kolli.

Kolli Graphics caters to the requirements of pharma, cigarette, ice cream and incense. With the new investments, the company is now targeting FMCG, liquor and other premium packaging segments.

Kolli Graphics was started in August 2009 and went in to commercial production in 2010 and since then steadily growing.