Husky woos rigid plastic converters with Multi-Layer technology

Husky Injection Molding Systems showcased its Multi-Layer co-injection technology at PlastIndia.

10 Feb 2018 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

Since its debut in 2015, the company has sold more than 30 Multi-Layer systems around the world for an array of applications including carbonated soft drinks, juices, beer, tea, and milk.

Dave Morton, vice president, MultiLayer Barrier Solutions at Husky, said, “Among the early adopters are two installations in Pakistan. Earlier they used 6% of nylon blended into PET. With Multi-Layer technology they have been able to reduce the nylon content to 3%. So they are saving on the barrier material. In addition to this, when you want to recycle the bottle, you can just tear open the bottle and peel out the layers.”

Explaining the working of Multi-Layer technology, Morton said, “We start injecting one material into the mould and then through the same nozzle we inject the second (barrier) material behind it in such a way that as the two materials travel in the mould simultaneously, the second material splits the first in the middle and what forms is a pre-form with a sandwich structure. We can precisely control the thickness as well as the start point and end point of the middle barrier layer.”

The new technology can also be used to further enhance the aesthetics of the PET bottle by introducing colours and gradients as a middle layer. The other interesting application, Morton highlighted, is of introducing recycled plastic as a middle layer. “So you don’t have a risk of recycled material coming in contact with the product and at the same time maximise the use of recycled plastic,” added Morton.

The company anticipates increasing demand from customers looking to explore new and exciting applications. Morton hopes to see the first installation of Husky’s Multi-Layer technology in India post-PlastIndia.
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