Huhtamaki to launch sustainable flexible packaging innovation

Huhtamaki has announced a new sustainable flexible packaging innovation that provides a unique combination of best-in-class protection, full recyclability and affordability.

01 May 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Huhtamaki’s new innovation provide mono-material flexible packaging in three alternative material solutions – paper, PE and PP

Dr Marco Hilty, president of flexible packaging at Huhtamaki, explained, “What we’ve done, quite simply, is to redesign the future of flexible packaging by setting new industry standards in mono-material solutions.  These blueloop innovations are both unique to Huhtamaki and transformational. They simultaneously deliver recyclability, with no compromise in either product protection or affordability.  This is the power of three.”

According to Huhtamaki, it has redefined the possibility by using science to develop groundbreaking mono-material technology. Its innovative and sustainable flexible packaging, in paper, PE and PP retort, is transformational and meets the demands of both its customers and their consumers.

Hilty added, “These at-scale innovations will support our customers reach the commitments many of them have made, including to use only recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging by 2025 and align with the direction of future policy, both in the EU and globally. Our innovations ensure flexible packaging affordability – especially important to consumers across the world, and they provide the high level of product protection, for food and household essentials, that flexible packaging is known for.”

Hilty said the company’s teams across the world have worked together to simplify previously complex structures using fewer materials and without the need for an aluminium layer or other barriers with different materials. This breakthrough will increase the value of post-consumer material, providing a greater economic incentive for recycling and supporting circularity.

“I am proud to share that Huhtamaki is now ready to launch our new, unique innovation at scale, globally,” Hilty added.

In 2020, Huhtamaki set itself the target of making its packaging 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2030. Many food and essential product companies have set similar pledges. While today much of Huhtamaki’s packaging can already be recycled (70%), an area of the technical challenge has been lightweight flexible packaging, which although delivering huge benefits – reducing transport emissions, preventing food waste and supporting affordability, is typically not recyclable in today’s post-consumer recovery streams.  

Huhtamaki’s new innovation provide mono-material flexible packaging in three alternative material solutions – paper, PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) retort, fit for the most demanding applications. 

With a mono-material share of up to 95% for PE, and at least 90% for paper and PP, the new solutions are unique, there is no compromise in protection barriers, recyclability and affordability. The amount of material used has been minimised for increased resource efficiency.  

Huhtamaki has invested in new production technologies across its production footprint, building a global supply capacity for the new innovations.

The innovations will be showcased at Interpack 2023, where Huhtamaki will present its technologies in the Huhtamaki blueroom, which is open to both existing and new Huhtamaki customers. 

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