Huhtamaki PPL ups its green quotient with rooftop solar power units

The packaging major Huhtamaki PPL (HPPL) is in a process of installing 1.8 megawatt rooftop solar power units at six key manufacturing plants across India.

28 May 2019 | By Sujith Ail

Arup Basu, managing director, Huhtamaki PPL said, “This project forms part of our larger environmental sustainability programme that includes reduction of carbon footprint, developing innovative recyclable laminate structures and helping shape a circular economy.  It is important for industry players like us to help build awareness amongst consumers that by using flexible packaging, they are being environmentally responsible”.  

The rooftop solar power project aims at reducing 20 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, which according to HPPL, is equivalent to planting about 100,000 trees. All installations are equipped with net metering, online performance monitoring and safety systems.

All the solar power units will be operational within the year. The project is in partnership with Switzerland-bassed Talesun Energy and EnergyX.

Huhtamaki PPL also announced that it has opened a new sales office at Mumbai.