Hubergroup announces global price rise

Hubergroup has announced a worldwide price increase on its products citing a “massive rise” in raw material and transport costs. The Germany-headquartered manufacturer had previously announced a surcharge in May due to sharp increases in costs in its supply chain. Hubergroup makes printing inks for a range of applications including commercial printing, web offset and packaging, as well as varnishes and PI adhesives for packaging.

30 Aug 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Hubergroup: prices need to reflect significantly increased procurement costs

The firm said the printing ink industry had been severely affected by the rising cost of transport and of key ingredients including pigments such as titanium dioxide, as well as resins and solvents.  It said it had been forced to act with worldwide price rises as a result, despite trying to source alternative raw materials and exploring other sourcing methods.

CEO Heiner Klokkers said that customer satisfaction was a top priority. “To ensure that we can continue to offer them high-quality printing inks and raw materials in the future, it is unfortunately essential in the current situation that we reflect the significantly increased procurement costs in the prices of our products,” he stated. “Our field staff around the world will shortly be informing customers personally about the specific effects and is of course available to answer questions at any time."


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