HB Fuller unveils Swift Tak adhesive range

HB Fuller has announced the launch of Swift Tak 5730, a new grade of water-based adhesives for consumer-safe, liquid-resistant paper straws designed for fast-moving machines.

13 Feb 2021 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Swift Tak 5730 will enables paper straw manufacturers to produce more than 500 paper straws per minute

Michel Cordos, HB Fuller technical manager for Paper Straws, said, “Swift Tak 5730 is a sustainable and safe formulation with a strong performance. At the same time, it contributes to the reduction of single-use plastics.”

He added, “Our experts provide on-demand technical support to guide paper straw and equipment manufacturers as well as paper suppliers on how to efficiently produce durable liquid-resistant straws at the lowest manufacturer total cost possible to meet this growing market.”

According to HB Fuller, Swift Tak 5730 gives a competitive advantage for core winding and slot nozzle applications for straight or bendy cold drink straw production such as the ones used in juice boxes. Generally, this adhesive comprises less than 5% of the total dried weight of a paper straw — enabling paper straws to be recycled or be industrially composted.

The company claims that this new grade of water-based adhesives will enable paper straw manufacturers to consistently produce more than 500 paper straws per minute. This new grade is also made available in India.