GIS Expands KM1024i, KM1800i printhead support platform

Global Inkjet Systems (GIS), a Nano-Dimension division, has expanded its Konica Minolta KM1024i and KM1800i printhead support, now available on the company’s latest Ethernet platform in addition to the well-established USB platform.

24 Feb 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

GIS HBM-DG2 head management board (including MEZ daughter board) and digital headboard for the Konica Minolta KM1024i and KM1800i printhead series

This product portfolio expansion increases the technology choice on offer for OEMs and System Integrators for these popular Konica Minolta printheads, used in applications including labels, security, wallpaper, product decoration and direct to shape.

Support for the KM1024i and KM1800i printheads on the GIS Ethernet platform is achieved through the GIS head management board, the HMB-DG2.  A new digital headboard (DHB), the DHB-KM-Xi, connects to adapt the HMB-DG2 signals to drive each Konica Minolta KM1024i or KM1800i printhead to its fullest potential. 

The new GIS HMB-DG2 / DHB-KM-Xi combination, with its flexible and compact design, can drive up to 2 x Konica Minolta KM1024i or KM1800i printheads off each DHB. It comes with an option to add up to 2 x stackable MEZ daughter boards to support up to 6 x printhead connections and multiple HMBs can be scaled to support larger systems. The HMB-DG2 includes data management, head drive voltage control and printhead diagnostics, all accessed over Ethernet. 

The GIS datapath hardware is complemented by Atlas software offering optional RIP, VDP and Image Quality (IQ) Tools to achieve the high-quality, demanding printing requirements of industrial applications.

GIS will continue to supply the USB datapath solution alongside the new Ethernet solution. 

“GIS Konica Minolta printhead support via the USB platform is long established with hundreds of installations worldwide We are delighted not only to continue this successful product line, but also to add the Ethernet platform to give our customers greater choice for their industrial print production systems,” Debbie Thorp, business development director, GIS, said.