G Mahavir goes beyond CMYK with Ricoh

Goregaon, Mumbai-based G Mahavir Digital has upgraded its well-equipped production facility with a Ricoh Pro C7200X digital press from Monotech Systems. The company boasts of its core competency in providing premium quality commercial prints.

01 Dec 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Navin G Gala of G Mahavir Digital with the Ricoh Pro C7200X

Navin R Gala, proprietor, G Mahavir Digital, said the first impression of the Ricoh Pro C7200X was its flexible fifth colour station. “The advanced features of the press will help us add extra value to the prints. And this value addition eventually draws the attention of our customers. This press is truly a value for money production machine,” he said.

In the industry for more than two decades, the company has been a user of Konica Minolta since 2009. 

“We serve the clients who are based in Mumbai, as we have earned the trust and confidence of a good number of corporate companies and walk-in individuals in the city,” Gala said, adding that their production facility keeps upgrading with ultra-modern machines and technologies in accordance to demands in the market.

G Mahavir Digital engages in extensive production of the whole gamut of commercially printed special items like lanyards, fancy greeting cards, brochures, catalogues, among others. “We closely work for different clients from different market segments and walks of life,” Gala said. 

Some of these jobs are from the corporate sector which agencies bring to G Mahavir. 

“When we talk about our big clients, we work for most of our corporate clients indirectly through agencies. However, we work directly with those who are from the local retail market and walk-in customers,” said Gala. 

He added, “Now, we are equipped with the right machine to impress our customers with diversified printing possibilities and more colours. It means that our newly installed Ricoh Pro C7200X does magic of vibrant colors beyond CMYK.”

The Ricoh Pro C7200X is designed to create graphics that stun with more colours. The extra colour gamut which this digital press can deliver includes gold, silver, white, clear, neon pink, neon yellow and invisible red. It can run at speeds up to 85 ppm, delivering graphics in 2400×4800-dpi resolution. 

“We have magnified our volume of production and overall quality in prints with the adoption of the Ricoh Pro C7200X. Using this press, we expand our printing media range with new metallic, dark, synthetic, adhesive, and magnetic substrates,” said Gala. 

He added that the part of credit for this overall achievement at G Mahavir Digital must also go to Monotech Systems for providing the excellent machine and flawless services. 

Ajeet Pareek, business head, digital products and solutions, Monotech Systems, says “The print is moving beyond CMYK. Rioch enables the printers to differentiate themselves from their competition and value-added services to their clients. This is the reason the demand for Ricoh 7200 has grown and more and more printers are opting for it.”