Fujifilm launches Acuity Ultra printer in India

Fujifilm India on 8 June announced the Indian launch of its new superwide format system, the Acuity Ultra. This UV-curable roll-to-roll printer uses Uvijet GS inks, a solvent-free chemistry that is both fully emission compliant and Greenguard approved.

12 Jun 2020 | By Sriraam Selvam

Unlike anything currently available on the market, the Fujifilm Acuity Ultra provides increased size and quality to significantly boost the profitability of high-end interior graphics production. Built around Fujifilm's solvent-free UV curable inkjet technologies, it offers near-photographic levels of image quality with tighter registration and higher production speeds, at a price that is set to shake up the superwide format marketplace.

The Acuity Ultra represents the culmination of extensive market research to understand the needs of superwide format print producers and the challenges they face both today and tomorrow. Those same challenges, said Fujifilm India, are perfectly aligned with Indian PSPs looking to take their print business to the next level of quality and operational profitability.

According to SM Ramprasad, executive vice-president at Fujifilm India, the Fujifilm Acuity Ultra is ‘the perfect next step for the Indian wide-format digital print professional’.

The five key features of Fujifilm Acuity Ultra:

Performance and profitability: Capable of print speeds up to 402-sqm/ hr and offering unbeatable cost-in-use, the Acuity Ultra gives you the performance to profit from both interior and exterior applications with almost photographic print quality.

Industrial build quality: Engineered for reliable print production, all day, every day, in any environment, the Acuity Ultra UV roll-to-roll is close to being the perfect superwide printer to meet the specific challenges of the Indian market.

Use less ink on every print: Developed in-house by Fujifilm specifically for the Acuity Ultra series, UVijet inks offer an impressively low cost-in-use. Its high density colours and 3.5-picolitre drop size result in ink usage typically 20% lower than competing products.

Greenguard certification: Fujifilm's solvent-free and Greenguard-certified Uvijet inks meet some of the world's most stringent emission standards, resulting in a safe UV ink that will help you win more business from brands that are committed to their own environmental standards.

Security of a global brand: With a presence around the world and an engineering resource in every major city, a Fujifilm partnership gives you complete peace of mind. Fujifilm stands by our products and by our customers, every step of the way.

Ramprasad said. “The Fujifilm Acuity series has long been known for its quality and reliability and, by adding this superwide model to the range, we are offering our Indian customers a big step up in quality and productivity. If you have any further questions or wish to request sample prints to examine the quality for yourself, you are invited to contact an Acuity Ultra printer expert at our Fujifilm India office.”

For more details, visit acuityultra.in.