Fujifilm chairman co-authors Never Stop: Winning through Innovation

The new co-authored book from Fujifilm chairman Shigetaka Komori and professor Philip Kotler – Never Stop: Winning through Innovation – offers a glimpse into why, how and what to innovate amid an unpredictable environment.

19 Jun 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

The cover of Never Stop: Winning through Innovation

Imaging technologies specialist Fujifilm has unveiled a book Never Stop: Winning through Innovation, which is written collaboratively by authors, professor Philip Kotler of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Shigetaka Komori, chairman who brought Fujifilm back from the brink "by engineering drastic transformation".

Komori and Kotler both share the same view that “marketing is not simply a sales promotion tool. Rather, it should be used by corporations as a business strategy to fulfil their social responsibility.”

"Referring to Fujifilm’s reinvention as a case study, the book intends to provide insight to those who seek to disrupt in a changing, uncertain environment," a press note shared with PrintWeek stated. "The book introduces the Kotler-Komori way as an essential element to overcome new challenges, create innovation, and to become a part of a strong force that enriches our society as a whole and become an essential part of people’s lives."

The book is currently available on Amazon and is distributed in regions where Amazon offers services.

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