Fujifilm Acuity notches 70 installations in India

Two-and-a-half years since the launch of the Acuity, Fujifilm has notched up 70 installations across 26 cities in India. “Reaching 70 sales of the Acuity platform is testament to its reliability, quality and versatility,” said SM Ramprasad, HOD, Graphics Arts, Fujifilm.

20 Apr 2018 | By Priya Raju

Fujifilm India used the opportunity to unveil its knowledge-sharing website which extolled the Power of Inkjet at the company headquarters in Mumbai. Sandeep Thanawala from Neat Graphics and SM Ramprasad, HOD, Graphics Arts briefed media representatives about Fujifilm’s focus on inkjet printing.

The website will host India-based knowledge about inkjet, and other than white papers and tech reports, there will be case studies and user experiences. In addition, Fujifilm will maintain a corporate empanelment module. Ramprasad said, “For six months, we have been having conversations with corporates like lubricant brands, electronics brands and FMCG. Now, we can guarantee these corporate brands innovative products in the ‘A’ city circles as well as cities like Allahabad, Sangli, Surat, Trichy, etc.”

Sandeep Thanawala, an award-winning user of the Acuity, said, "Other than Fujifilm’s matchless service and technical support, job turnaround is an asset. Fujifilm boasts of ten engineers. This means a man-machine ratio of 1:7.

Thanawala continued: “Earlier, sample preparation used to be a huge inconvenience, time-consuming and expensive. Now, with the Acuity, it’s a simple, seamless process. Across the board we’re seeing huge time and cost savings. Productivity is up, profitability is up and​ ​our business at Neat is growing.”

Thanawala spoke about the importance of Dimatix Q-class industrial printheads and how the wide-format printer has a high-density mode which is capable of handling heat-sensitive roll media and is suitable for producing backlit and window applications.

Ramprasad took the opportunity to talk about the innovations from Fujifilm. This included Samba piezo-electric printheads, proprietary UV, aqueous and hybrid inks as well as “software and systems integration expertise, which allows Fujifilm to quickly become the supplier of choice across the industry.”

Ramprasad also announced the setting up a demo centre in Gurgaon soon. Two years ago, in 2016, Fujifilm set up a demo centre in Dahisar which houses an Acuity LED 1600, Acuity Advance Select and Acuity EY wide-format printers. These UV inkjet technology-based printers can print on a range of rigid and flexible media for different types of application.