Flint Group launches sustainable ink and coating range

Flint Group Paper & Board proudly has introduced TerraCode, a sustainable water-based ink and coating range for paper and board packaging applications. Designed to support market demands for sustainable packaging, Flint Group presents an innovative bio-renewable product offering that can be tailor made for converters’ individual needs.

31 Jul 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Kim Melander, VP and general manager of Flint Group Packaging Inks EMEA, said, “Flint Group is acutely aware of increasing societal focus toward sustainable packaging. Therefore, we are pleased to present a full range of bio-renewable inks and coatings, for use in paper and board printing, which are designed to address global environmental concerns.”

He added that Flint’s development teams have gone beyond a one-size-fits-all technology approach to design three product series that more effectively support printers’ and brand owners’ differing print and sustainability requirements. “With TerraCode, we are delivering a solution, through ink and coating developments, to unlock certain sustainable package print challenges that paper and board converters and their customers are facing,” Melander added.

Scott Mosley, vice-president of technology, Paper & Board North America, said, “The TerraCode range has been designed to support a wide variety of paper & board applications, including corrugated post and pre-print, food wraps, folding carton, cups, paper bags, and aseptic packaging. We have effectively developed a bio-renewable ink range suitable for all paper and board applications.”

In addition to supporting printers and their customers meet sustainability objectives, the TerraCode range delivers on the necessary requirements for premium packaging results, such as high print quality, product consistency, and ease of use. The inks and coatings are bio-renewable content (BRC) certified and sustainably sourced. The range is also available as printready or via a convenient building block package.

Paul Winstanley, senior director technology & innovation EMEA, said, “Flint Group understands that not all printers and brand owners have the same sustainability objectives therefore, we are pleased to offer a series of product options to ensure we are meeting all our customers’ needs.”

The TerraCode range includes:

  • TerraCode Bio: designed with the highest level of bio-renewable content where a typical formulation contains greater than 90% of renewable resources 
  • TerraCode Hybrid: a combination of renewable and conventional raw materials where a typical formulation contains in excess of 50% renewable resin content
  • TerraCode Balance: based on biomass balance technology, a process that maintains the performance of existing synthetic solutions
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