First edition of Goa Book Fair on 9-13 February

The first edition of the Goa Book Fair will be held from 9-13 February 2023, at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. The event has been jointly organised by the Margao-based Publishing Next and The Dogears Bookshop.

18 Jan 2023 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

This will be Goa’s first book fair in many years, and, judging from its initial response, it promises to bring many publishers and booksellers from across India, together under one roof. In addition, the participation of other allied businesses such as stationery items, educational toys, and other such products.

According to the organisers, the book fair is expected to introduce Goan readers to a large number of books across several genres and in a number of languages. Books by almost all the major publishers in English, Konkani and Marathi are expected to be available, thus presenting a unique opportunity for readers across ages and literary tastes to obtain the books they have been searching for. 

Similarly, schools, colleges, and other institutions will have the opportunity to engage with these publishers and booksellers and get the books they need for their libraries.

For details about participating in or visiting the book fair, call 9850398530.