FIG announces availability of pre-owned Mark Andy

Flexo Image Graphics (FIG) has announced the availability of pre-owned Mark Andy printing presses. In addition to Mark Andy, FIG is an authorised distributor of a string of cutting-edge machines from other highly-reputed international brands like Rhyguan, Rotoflex, Luster, Kluge, KDS Quantum, Presstek, among others.

07 Mar 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

Gourav Roy, managing director, Flexo Image Graphics, with a Mark Andy press

“We are delighted to announce the availability of pre-owned Mark Andy printing presses. This is indeed a new opportunity we offer to our customers who feel little concern about the costs of investments in brand-new machines but wish to expand their business with newer and enhanced applications using high-end brands of machines and equipment. We are quite sure that the pre-owned Mark Andy presses we are offering will be quite economical and fit in the budgets of everyone looking for it,” Gourav Roy, managing director, FIG, said.  

He added, “It’s always pleasant to own a brand-new machine. However, it’s better to invest in a standard pre-owned machine than owning a substandard brand-new one. If the pre-owned units have been well maintained, you still get years of reliable outputs from it. We guarantee the same from our pre-owned Mark Andy presses. Each Mark Andy press we deliver will be in 100% working condition. In our case, you don’t need to sacrifice quality simply because the machines have been previously owned.”

With the announcement of the availability of pre-owned Mark Andy printing presses, FIG is now striving to help its customers with such products that would help them grow a further step. In this respect, Roy said, “It’s the right time for those who want to move ahead with the pre-owned Mark Andy printing presses we are offering because we guarantee a lot of assurances. We assure them smooth and hassle-free installations of the pre-owned Mark Andy printing presses.”

He continued, “Regardless of being previously owned, our pre-owned Mark Andy printing presses will be delivered in fully fit working conditions. Moreover, all the presses will be accompanied by an extended 6-month warranty. In the post-installation, our team of engineers will provide every single customer training regarding the applications and smooth operation of the presses.” 

Pre-owned Mark Andy presses from FIG poise as a new opportunity for small companies or entrepreneurs to expand their production processes using the best-in-class reputed international brands of machines. FIG is now fully geared up to help them excel in it through its centralised support department from its main office in Delhi and branch offices in Mumbai and Chennai.