Fespa 2019: Elitron to show new products

Italian manufacturer Elitron will launch two new machines at Fespa 2019, to be held at Messe Munich, Germany on 14-17 May. Among them, Klick automatically recognises the position of materials placed anywhere on a printer bed while the Kombo SDC+ 21.32 is a cutting system with a vacuum working area of 2.1x3.2-m and a multi-tool cutting head.

26 Apr 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Elitron said the machine is suitable for digitally printed fabrics and all visual communication media and has been engineered to integrate and automate the production workflow with superwide-format digital printers, to cut both roll materials up to 3.2-m and a range of rigid materials.

“The 21.32 is a smaller, more compact system that is still able to work with textile fabrics and banner material as well as rigid media but is in a smaller footprint to our existing systems,” said Elitron marketing and sales coordinator Caroline Bell. “It’s a size that we’ve been asked for quite a lot in the past that we didn’t previously have.”

Also new is Spark 19.16, a compact conveyor cutting system with a vacuum working area of 1.9x1.6m that will be working as part of a production line on the firm's Fespa booth to simulate a realistic production workflow.

“We’ve got the mammoth Kombo TAV-R and the big Kombo SDC but we’re now working on introductions to a smaller range at the other end of the market,” said Bell. “Spark has a smaller footprint and an easier price point but you've still got the multi-tool cutting heads and all the other benefits of the larger Elitron systems.”

Commercial availability for both the Kombo SDC+ 21.32 and the Spark 19.16 will begin from Fespa. While pricing was not disclosed, Bell said “both new systems are very good from a return on investment point of view”.

The company will also show Klick, a system launched earlier this year that has been developed specifically to automate the pre-printing preparation process. Elitron said Klick can be interfaced with all printers to speed up the print process, reduce ink wastage, keep the printing bed cleaner and allow the reuse of otherwise leftover materials. The system automatically recognises the position of materials and objects freely placed anywhere on the print bed and manages the workflow accordingly.

“Klick is a hardware/software combination that can be integrated or can work on any flatbed printer, so that where you’ve got the printing bed you would have one of our cameras on top and that is able to read what’s on the printing area, know exactly where that material is and then nest the shapes to be cut,” said Bell.

Finally, the manufacturer will also show its Kombo TH twin-head flatbed cutting system with Custom Cutting, which it premiered at Fespa 2018 in Berlin. The Custom Cutting software feature enables the existing working area of the Kombo TH to be divided into two independent areas.