Everything you need to know about PrintWeek India Awards 2019

The PrintWeek India Awards was launched in 2009 with an aim to celebrate the best in Indian print. This year we celebrate its eleventh edition.

27 Sep 2019 | By PrintWeek India

PrintWeek India Awards 2018 was held at St Regis, Mumbai

Why should I enter?
If you win a PrintWeek India Award, you win more than just the respect of your colleagues. Our Awards give you a unique marketing advantage over your competitors.

What does PrintWeek India Awards comprise of?
PrintWeek India Awards are divided into two segments –Performance Awards and Quality Awards. The financial performance of the company is scrutinised for the Performance Awards as well as the summary of the company, achievements such as winning a new contract, or how you produced a print job under exceptional circumstances.

For quality awards,  the judges look at the quality of the work. All entries (except innovative category) need to include a single example of four different jobs printed not before 2018. We don’t think it’s fair to judge a company by one job. So we ask entrants for four different print jobs. This ensures we can measure the consistency as well as the quality of the output.

The Awards in 2019 comprises of seven Performance Awards and 14 Quality Awards. Click here to learn more about different categories.

Note: For the Innovation category only one print job has to be submitted.

The Jury Day
PrintWeek India ensures a team of expert print buyers to form the judging panel. The event will comprise of print experts who will evaluate the print finesse. The panel is then split to allow each judge to concentrate on categories within his or her chosen field of print buying and expertise.

The judges are experts in their field but they may not have knowledge of the particular print project for which the job has been entered. Inform them. Do not ignore the rules. For instance, when we ask for a full set of technical specifications, please do send them to us. This enables our jury to make a sound judgment on the performance of your print job.

Awards Night
Shortlisted companies are decided by the jury panel and are invited to the Awards Night in Mumbai. In 2018, the event saw 105 print companies and over a thousand print samples. There were 24 worthy winners which were judged by print buyers and specialists. We hope the PrintWeek India Awards for 2019 to be bigger and better than those from 2009 till 2018. 

Information about all the categories is available on the website. Don’t delay, register now at www.printweekindiaawards.com

For further assistance, contact Kalpak Shah at +91 81699 71401 or 022-2378 7551