Ess Cee Print Pack invests in Autoprint

Bengaluru-based Ess Cee Print Pack has installed an Autoprint Checkmate 50 print inspection system for defect-free cartons. With the new investment, the company promises to deliver defect-free cartons to their end customers at an affordable price.

30 Aug 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) BV Shashidhar and KR Chandrashekar of Ess Cee with BV Mohan of Smith Graphic Links, Autoprint’s business associate

Bengaluru is growing up to be a printing and packaging hub and printing presses and packaging units are working 24x7 to produce innovative print products to fulfil the print products demand across the country.  Most of the packaging units are working towards bolstering their existing setups with new investments and innovative product portfolios. One such successful example is Ess Cee Print Pack, which has emerged as one of the major players with multiple new products, including Autoprint Checkmate 50.

Ess Cee was established around 25 years ago with the small print set up under the partnership of BV Shashidhar and KR Chandrashekar. Under these partners’ commendable leadership, today the unit has grown with an employee strength of 250 members and the unit has become capable of delivering all types of pharma and FMCG mono cartons.  

To scale up its production, reduce the rejection rates and serve its customers faster and better, Ess Cee installed the Checkmate 50 carton inspection machine.  

The Autoprint carton inspection machine ensures defect-free products to the end customers with 100% accuracy. Besides inspecting print defects and foil errors, Autoprint Checkmate 50 segregates the good and defective cartons neatly into different stocks, which can be further analysed to correct the previous process. This not only eliminates expensive manual labour but also enhances inspection speed and process. 

With an unbeatable combination of hardware processing along with high-performance multicore processors, Autoprint’s Checkmate 50 enables the use of complex software algorithms to detect printing defects such as ink smudges, spots, scratches, uneven ink, colour variation, foil stamping variation, hazing, missing print/character, filled-in character, misregistration and other fine flaw and irregularities. 

Autoprint offers an economy model of Checkmate 25 also.