Epson books 15 printers after Mumbai workshop

On 28 June, Epson India along with Venus Infotech, Felix Schoeller and Impressions conducted a workshop for sublimation product dealers in Mumbai. After more than two years dominated by virtual alternatives, business decision-makers really need the energy and connections that only live workshops enable.

04 Jul 2022 | By Janhavi Sisodia

After the event, Epson booked 15 printers on the spot

"The idea for hosting such a workshop was to make the dealers aware that sublimation paper come with warranty. And so, they will be free of most of the technical hassles that they currently face by selling re-engineered printers," said Pratik Mhasawade of Epson India, Mumbai. He added, "Along with Hemanshu Desai of Venus Infotech who are our partners, the dealers and their end users can learn how to produce top quality with minimal wastage - as well as how to achieve fast turnaround times, consistent performance, high-quality output and reliability."

"People have a tendency to buy the products that have the lowest price tag", said Hemanshu Desai of Venus Infotech. "When I showed to the dealers that though on the face of it an Epson printer and consumables look expensive, in actuality, the running cost is not high." Desai added, The yield of inks is far better on the Epson SC-F130 and SC-F530 printers as compared to other inks. I demonstrated with calculations the benefits for the end user if they print 6000 A4 pages."

And so, the SC-F130 comes with 6,000 A4 pages warranty and this is extendable. Desai showcased how the prints can be ideal for the creation of high-quality, large-format POS, short-term outdoor/interior signage, display graphics, promotional graphics and photographs.

(clockwise) Shakti, Pratik Mhasawade, Hemanshu Desai and Pranav Vaswani

"Felix Schoeller India is selling the S-Race brand of Sublimation paper", said Pranav Vaswani. He added, "Felix Schoeller India is an Indo-German collaboration and all the products strictly follow their quality standard. In sublimation we have established a high quality brand and we have made it affordable too."

Shakti of Impressions represents BestSub China in India. He said, "BestSub is one of the largest manufacturers of sublimation blanks and has factories across multiple locations. It is the only company that had more than 17000 SKUs of sublimation blanks and that too with top quality."

After the event, Epson booked 15 printers on the spot and many more orders are expected. Such types of workshops will be conducted in other cities as well. Epson has a wide range of printers which are available with different inksets. And customers would benefit from significantly lower ink consumption as a result of the improved chemistry.