Enfocus launches Switch 2018

Enfocus has launched the upgraded version of its pre-press workflow software Switch 2018.

07 May 2018 | By Sujith Ail

New features in Switch 2018 include job finder, webhooks and private data for all. The additional new feature, the online intel dashboard, will be added later.
Gopal Krishnan of Basis Systems, dealer for Enfocus in India, said, “Job finder marks a significant first step in achieving production transparency. It is targeted at users that need to quickly find the status of a job, based on where it is located within the Switch flows.”
Switch product manager, Toon Van Rossum, said, “Customisable boards within the job finder give a complete view of all jobs, making it easy to locate specific jobs in the Switch flows – a task that the developer said typically takes a significant amount of time to complete.
The webhooks feature, which is aimed at scriptwriters, app creators and integrators for connectivity with the external services.
Krishnan added, “This tool will transform the way Switch flows and scripts connect to external services by allowing external applications or services to send notifications to Switch. For example, the notification could contain the status of a job or trigger an update when a new order comes in via the user’s MIS.”
Private data, which was previously only possible through scripting, enables the user to store, customise and manage specific data within Switch. This feature is said to make data handling eas and accessible to all users.
The web-based job client has also been enhanced to enable users to quickly find jobs in a checkpoint, edit and update jobs in native application from a checkpoint, and select and process multiple jobs at once.
When implementing new features into Switch, Rossum said, “The business takes three factors into account: feedback from our users, feedback from development, and the long-term vision and whether a new feature will take us closer to where we want to go with the product.”
Switch 2018 is available with immediate effect and has replaced Switch 2017. Pricing for new users ranges from USD 5,000 (Rs 3,35,275) to USD 20,000 (Rs 13,41,100), dependent on the customer’s requirements and the level of training and support required from the vendor.
“These softwares are a potent tool, and we are encouraging the Indian print industry to get used to the philosophy of DIY (do it yourself) for handling of the software Many publishing companies are using this software, Burda Druck, Repro, Express KCS are some of the key customers in India,” concluded Krishnan.