EFI, Duplo extend integration between Fiery Impose and Duplo DC-618

EFI has extended its relationship with Duplo Corporation to deliver a new ‘one-step’ integration between EFI Fiery Impose software and the Duplo DC-618 slitter/ cutter/ creaser to automate job preparation and finisher setup. Setting up both the layout imposition and finishing settings in Fiery Impose with direct communication to the Duplo DC-618 finisher saves significant time and reduces the potential for error and rework.

05 Feb 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

“Duplo USA is excited by this next evolution of its partnership with EFI, through the advanced integration of Duplo finishers and Fiery Impose,” said Rick Salinas, vice-president of marketing, Duplo USA. “This integration allows users to truly create an end-to-end productivity solution. We believe Fiery Impose gives operators the ability to simplify even the most complex finishing projects.”

Fiery Impose’s ability to customise finishing layouts delivers 80% time saving for a custom job’s pre-press to post-press setup. This is important in busy print shops that, more than ever before, are processing an increased number of smaller jobs.

With this advanced finishing integration, there is no longer a need to set up a finishing layout on the Duplo controller and import it into Fiery Impose. Fiery Impose now has built-in knowledge of the Duplo DC-618 configuration options and constraints. Customers can quickly and confidently create a custom imposition layout through a setup wizard that provides a step-by-step process with interactive, visual feedback showing the addition of cut, crease and perforation settings – all within the displayed constraints of the finisher. The operator will finish the printed job simply by feeding the sheets into the DC-618 without any additional programming setup on the Duplo controller. This workflow accelerates production turnaround time while eliminating operator touchpoints and errors from incompatible layouts.

“Errors in the bindery are arguably the costliest errors in the print production process,” said John Henze, vice-president, sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. “That’s why we have placed so much focus on ensuring seamless integration between Fiery Impose and finishing solutions. We are pleased to extend our long-term relationship with Duplo with this new integration.”

Customers can take automation one step further for repetitive jobs by using Fiery Impose templates with Hot Folders or Fiery JobFlow software for a one-click full automation workflow.