Dutch-based MagnaVersum enters Indian market

By 05 Sep 2017

Krishna Sheombar Sing, CMO for MagnaVersum and Ritushri Mitra, business director of Tion Enterprises announced the foray of Dutch origin tech-based company, into India.

This, as Krishna Sheombar Sing said means, "Indian brands can avail our platform, which offers solutions for the packaging of their products. In real terms, this means, using augmented-reality marketing techniques, in existing print-format.

The technology offers a digital coding which can be printed in the usual met

MagnaVersum, founded in 2016, has developed an "Interactive Packaging" platform
Krishna Sheombar Sing, CMO, MagnaVersum

The possibilities are endless as the data can be audio, video, AR driven etc, depending on what the brand owner.

MagnaVersum, founded in 2016, has developed an "Interactive Packaging" platform. This as Krishna Sheombar Sing said, can ensure branded apps are linked to the platform to ensure secure updates with limited to zero downtime. Managing AR content is easier with the platform's AR Studio, which allows a brand to change content hourly, daily, weekly or even based on geography. The platform also includes Computer Vision, MagnaVersum's base for the packaging authentication process, which improves usability and can also offer anti-counterfeit solutions.

MagnaVersum also thinks about the “Not another app”-problem where brand owners don’t want another app for their brand. This is possible vide a web based application linked to the developed Machine Learning features where the consumer can join an AR Marketing campaign without an app. With this technology platform, MagnaVersum tends to help brand owners, retail organisations, marketing agencies and converters to perform in the fourth industrial revolution.”

When queried, about the ease of use, Sing said, "The use of apps generates data. This data can now be to brand-owners in an all-in-one solution." For this, the company had provided dashboards to give brand-owners insight into this data. In addition, the solution is integrated into the MagnaVersum OneDataView platform.

Sing is clear that MagnaVersum does not sell "collected data to third-parties", and it is made available to brand-owners as their intellectual property.

Sing showed the PrintWeek India team, a demo on his smartphone. The demo provided a glimpse into how the packaging industry which develops packages in all sizes, shapes, colours and gradients can interface with the end user and customer. The mantra is go from ‘doing digital’ to being digital.

The process is simple, said Sing. He added, "With our interactive packaging solution, MagnaVersum offers a full-service platform that grants modification abilities to static packaging."

Ritushri Mitra, director, Tion Enterprises

MagnumVersum will be represented in India and select markets by Tion Enterprises who are based out of Mumbai. Ritushri Mitra who is the business director of the company said, "Magnaversum and Tion are already working with brand owners and convertors on this interesting and exciting concept. Whether the need is an anti-counterfeit solution or run a product campaign, with heightened brand visibility, we are capable to provide tailor-made solutions with smartly designed dashboards".

Tion Enterprises was founded in 2014 with the vision to be recognised as a specialized solution provider for the packaging industry in South Asia. As on date, other than Magnaversum, Tion Enterprises is developing the brand and business of Wipf Wicovalve, Artimelt and RC Film in the South Asian market.

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