Drupa 2024: XSYS showcases Rotec portfolio of sustainable solutions

Emphasising its commitment to sustainability, XSYS will present its range of precision-engineered Rotec sleeves and adapters for brilliant printing at Drupa 2024. The Rotec brand is synonymous with long-lasting quality and has a strong history of innovation, with the most active patents for sleeves and adapters.

28 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Building on this solid foundation, the Rotec team has introduced the Rotec eco series of sleeves, the next generation of more sustainable sleeve products to achieve brilliant print performance, but with less impact on our world.

“As a pioneer of sleeve technology since 1990, Rotec has always been ahead of its time when it comes to sustainability. Offering solutions tailored to the needs of each operation, many innovations have long been delivering exactly what customers are asking for today – shorter press startup times, faster changeovers, quick delivery, less waste and safer operator conditions,” said product manager Gina Wienbracke. She added, “These products already contribute to a more sustainable world through their robust construction or accessories that extend the product lifetime. When sleeves and adapters last longer, they deliver a stronger return on investment and lower total cost of ownership for our customers, while reducing waste.”

Recent innovative solutions also extend product life, as well as contribute to maximised efficiency. Among these value-added solutions, the Rotec eco Xtra Ring is a patented air distribution technology for significantly easier mounting, reduced compressed air requirement, and preventing edge wear. Another is the Rotec smart premium sleeve/high-performance sleeve, which incorporates a barrier layer for an extended lifetime, as well as state-of-the-art raw materials for lighter weights, reduced bounce, and faster press speeds. 

Meanwhile, the Rotec multi-sleeve adapter uses a unique pin technology to easily switch sleeve lengths on the same adapter, saving cost and increasing efficiency with a simpler set-up.

New introductions at Drupa include a range of compressible accessories (end plates, inner rings and notches). The compressibility is designed to absorb forces during handling to protect the sleeve from damage and further extend the product's lifetime. There will also be an opportunity to explore the new Rotec structured sleeve surface for flexographic printing which allows any air bubbles caught under the mounting tape to escape more easily, reducing tape waste and ensuring excellent print quality.

Environmental responsibility remains a major focus for Rotec in its global strategy. Several production optimisation programs are already in place to reduce waste and improve carbon footprint. “The true vision for the next generation of sustainability for sleeves is to assess the entire product life cycle from production to customer to end of life. The Rotec eco family of sleeves are pushing the boundaries by incorporating renewable resources and increased recycled content to achieve reduced environmental impact,” concluded Gina Wienbracke.

XSYS welcomes visitors at Drupa to its booth in Hall 8B/ A30 to see the technology in action with live demos, and print samples on various presses.

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