Drupa 2024: UFlex to display CI flexo, combi lamination machines

At Drupa 2024, the engineering business of UFlex will showcase its high-end CI flexo printing machine model Elisa -1308 and the combi lamination machine – model Camco Excel 1300.

24 Apr 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Sanjay Malik Sabharwal, joint president and COO, engineering business, UFlex

Sanjay Malik Sabharwal, the joint president and COO of the engineering business at UFlex, said, “Additionally, we will showcase a model of our advanced ReLAM recycling machine. These ingenious solutions reiterate our commitment to providing top-quality engineering innovations that enhance efficiency and sustainability in the printing and packaging industry. Along with the engineering business, other businesses of UFlex including holography, packaging films, and chemicals will be exhibiting their solutions for the printing and packaging industry.”

CI Flexo was launched in 2018, and since then, the company has had a successful run. We are excited to showcase its continued success and our latest advancements in engineering excellence, alongside other businesses, including holography, packaging films, and chemicals.

Sabharwal said all three machines, Elisa, Camco, and its recycling machine will be demonstrated live at the show.

According to Sabharwal, CI Flexo is a state-of-the-art machine designed to address the pressing need for printing low gauge and thin gauge flexible films with precision and accuracy, thereby offering sustainable options for the printing industry. Unlike other printing processes, CI Flexo stands out not only for its ability to deliver high-quality results but also for its eco-friendly features, making it the optimal choice for meeting today’s printing requirements while promoting sustainability.

The key features of the product, geared towards sustainability, encompass an automatic ink washing and ink viscosity control system; robust steel frame structure with ample space; all anilox and plate sleeves pneumatically operated for ease of operation; central impression drum for superior product quality; pick and place mechanism for quick register adjustments.

Sabharwal said, “The CI flexo offers several sustainable advantages to customers, enhancing their operational efficiency and productivity while minimising environmental impact, including the capability to handle thinner gauges of stretchable substrate, allowing for greater flexibility in printing applications; reduced ink consumption, resulting in cost savings and minimized waste; lower power and heat consumption, contributing to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability; decreased manpower requirement due to automation features, optimising workforce utilisation; faster job changeovers, enabling quicker turnaround times and increased production capacity; minimal setting and running wastage, leading to enhanced resource utilisation and cost-effectiveness. 

“Overall, these sustainable benefits translate into a reduced cost of production per kilogram, ultimately providing customers with a competitive edge in the market while promoting environmental responsibility,” Sabharwal.  

At Drupa 2024, in addition to the CI Flexo printing machine, the company will also be showcasing the combi lamination and recycling machine for demonstration purposes.

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