Drupa 2024: Robus India announces die-cutter sale

Robus India, a supplier and manufacturer of finishing equipment based in Greater Noida, announced a significant sale of its BHT-1060 CE Excellence Series automatic die-cutting machine at Drupa 2024. The purchaser, Dolly Printing & Packaging from Pune, specialises in corrugation and versatile job printing and is now planning to enter the pharmaceutical packaging sector.

04 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The Dolly Printing & Packaging team with the Robus team at Drupa 2024

The BHT-1060 CE, which operates at 9000 sheets per hour and features advanced variable speed platen technology, represents a repeat purchase for Dolly Printing & Packaging. Previously, the company acquired Robus India's MHC-1300 EC automatic die-cutting machine in 2022 for its corrugation segment.

Prem Vishwakarma, managing director of Robus India, highlighted the successful sale and emphasised the machine's advanced features and high operational speed. He noted that Dolly Printing & Packaging's repeat order is a testament to their satisfaction with Robus India's equipment and after-sales service.

Subham Prabhu, director, Dolly Printing & Packaging, affirmed their satisfaction with Robus India's machines, attributing their decision to reinvest to the reliable performance and support they have experienced. As they diversify into pharmaceutical packaging, the investment in the BHT-1060 CE is seen as a crucial step to meet new industry demands.