Drupa 2024: Rajkot's Balaji Multiflex signs HP Indigo 200K deal

Balaji Multiflex, the flexible packaging division of independent Balaji Wafers, has signed a deal to install an HP Indigo 200K digital press as part of a broader expansion strategy to target start-ups.

02 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

Bhalara (second from left) with team HP [A Appaduai (r), Umesh Kagade (second from right)]

In the fast-paced world of start-ups, a customer's first physical interaction with a product is often through its packaging. This initial encounter holds immense potential for start-ups to make a lasting impression, convey their brand ethos, and even communicate the innovative spirit that drives them. "We will provide that boost to these brands – a packaging that will not just be a protective shell, but a strategic tool that can captivate interest, foster brand loyalty, and ultimately contribute significantly to a start-up's growth trajectory and market success," said Pranav Bhalara, director of Balaji Multiflex.

Balaji Multiplex has ordered the Indigo 200K, a CO2-neutral press, to support the company's growth in digitally printed flexible packaging.

According to HP Indigo's country manager - HP Industrial Print at HP India, A Appadurai, the 200K will enable quicker turnarounds, unparalleled efficiency, and the ability to easily handle diverse printing requirements. "We are excited to collaborate with Balaji Multiflex on this advanced technology that will transform the flexible packaging industry. Both HP and Balaji Multiflex share a commitment to innovation and quality."

The HP Indigo 200K at Balaji Multiflex aligns perfectly with its vision of providing cutting-edge, sustainable packaging solutions. "It will greatly benefit brand owners in India by eliminating minimum order quantities, drastically reducing turnaround times, and offering the lowest carbon footprint compared to any other printing technology. Additionally, this installation will support the start-up ecosystem in the country by enabling new businesses to access high-quality packaging without the constraints of large initial orders. This development will be a game changer for the flexible packaging sector," said Appadurai.

Fotedar India, HP Indigo’s channel partner for flexible packaging, finalised the Balaji deal. Vikram Fotedar of the company said, “Balaji has always been a beacon for technology within the flex pack fraternity. True to this tradition, Balaji's foray into digitally printed flexible packaging is testimony to their thought leadership. At Fotedar, we are all proud to be part of this epoch.”

The 26-year-old Rajkot-based flexible packaging company Balaji Multiflex has made some bold investments in the past, including setting up a factory that spreads over 20 acres of land. The cornerstone of that factory is a highly-configured (W&H) Windmoller and Holscher Heliostar II rotogravure press, an India first. Plus, the company has integrated backwards with a new Varex three-layer blown film line. Two Nordmeccanica solventless laminators join the converting arsenal. The remaining eight laminators - six Nordmeccanica, two Comexi, and two Pelican – currently installed at the old plant will soon be shifted to the new facility.

Bhalara stated, "The addition of the HP Indigo 200K provides us with all the necessary elements to accelerate the growth of our business."