Drupa 2024: Pratham Technologies announces sale of its new automated outsert system with super tray packaging

Pune-based Pratham Technologies has announced that its new fully automatic packaging machine, which can significantly reduce operators' labour costs, will be installed at a packaging company in Germany.

06 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

While making the announcement on the penultimate day of Drupa 2024, Datta Deshpande, chief executive officer at Pratham Technologies, said the complete automated outsert system comprising the iRPF 53 and the super tray packaging system (STP) 1200 will be installed soon after Drupa.

The iRPF 53 and the STP 1200 automate the leaflet packaging process using a combination of folding machines and robotic pick-and-place systems. 

According to Deshpande, the machine's efficiency allows one operator to manage two to three machines simultaneously, eliminating the need for 5-6 packaging staff. "This results in substantial savings of over Euro 40,000 per year in manpower costs for each machine installed."

The automated system is equipped with advanced sensors that meticulously check for proper gluing and promptly reject any defects before packing, ensuring impeccable quality. "This guarantees zero defects in the finished packages," affirmed Deshpande.

Further, Deshpande also informed PrintWeek that his company is partnering with automation firm IGS, UK, to develop automation solutions in the print finish sector and roll out these automated packaging solutions globally. Pratham will demonstrate the new machine at its UK dealer's site next month.

Deshpande added that this machine, Pratham's first foray into an automated system, has the potential to massively disrupt industries like printing and logistics that rely heavily on manual labour. "We look forward to leading this automation revolution with our STP 1200 machine."