Drupa 2024: Pragati buys its second Zhongke

At Drupa 2024, Pragati Group purchased its second Zhongke machine. The ZK-5540D features a servo control system and a touchscreen interface to integrate automatic paper feeding, glue spraying, folding, and wrapping into a single, seamless operation.

02 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Team Pragati and team Zhongke at Drupa 2024

With a production speed of over 2400-boxes/hour, the machine can make boxes of a wide range of sizes and styles

“A heartfelt thanks to Pragati for adding a second Zhongke box-making machine to its lineup. The customers’ continued trust and support drive our dedication to quality and service. With the ever-changing demand of the market, Zhongke, with its in-house R&D team, can design and develop machines around your needs. Our latest paper tray pulp moulding machine is a testimonial for the same," Rohit Rajpal, CEO, Zhongke India, said.

With over 20 advanced box-making models, Zhongke leads the world in the rigid box industry. 

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