Drupa 2024: Monotech Systems inks two deals of Scodix

Monotech Systems has signed two significant deals involving the Scodix Ultra 2500 SHD, a high-end print embellishment machine launched at Drupa 2024. This machine features Scodix's premium technologies and offers 16 different embellishment applications in B2 format, operating at a speed of 1440 sheets per hour.

04 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Tej Prakash Jain of Monotech Systems with the Scodix team

The Scodix Ultra 2500 SHD is known for its precision and capability to produce fine lines.

One of these machines has been acquired by a commercial printer, while the other has been booked by a packaging converter. 

Tej Prakash Jain, the founder of Monotech Systems, emphasised the value of print embellishment, noting its dual benefits: it enhances the appeal and value of printed products for both printers/converters and print buyers. He observed that the pandemic had delayed investments in print enhancement, but there is now a resurgence in demand.

Eli Greenberg, co-founder and CEO of Scodix, highlighted Monotech Systems' role in introducing Scodix to the Indian market, noting that a significant number of machines have been installed in India. He expressed optimism about the increasing investment in print embellishment equipment post-pandemic, especially from India, with a trend of packaging converters also adopting Scodix technology.