Drupa 2024: Manugraph set to install a second web offset press in Japan

Manugraph is set to strengthen its presence in Japan by installing a second web offset press. The press will be installed through a newspaper company's business partner, Sieken Graphic. The M-360 press, called Seiken 36, is currently being installed. Manugraph had previously installed its first press in Japan in 2016.

02 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

Shah (second from left) and Inoue (second from right) at Drupa 2024

Speaking to PrintWeek at Manugraph's stand at Drupa 2024, Ken Inoue, manager of the international sales department at Seiken Graphics, stated that this partnership could increase sales of Manugraph web offset presses in Japan. “There is a demand for new presses in the newspaper industry due to the presence of around 100 old presses,” he said.

Considering Japan's limited space, Pradeep Shah, managing director at Manugraph, said his company has been manufacturing machines with a smaller footprint. Inoue explained that these presses are designed to fit into facilities with limited space, making them suitable for satellite operations.

Shah expressed optimism about the demand for their presses in the Japanese market. He mentioned that while the newspaper industry is one segment of the publishing industry, Manugraph also aims to promote its presses for book printing.

Manugraph's manufacturing plant in Kolhapur can produce close to 50 web offset presses in a year.