Drupa 2024: Felix Gluer showcases innovative technologies and partnerships

Felix Gluer is thrilled to announce a series of exciting new product launches and strategic partnerships at Drupa 2024, further cementing its position as a leader in advanced gluing technology. The unveiling includes the innovative Felix Gluer: Duet, a new partnership with Valco Melton, and several cutting-edge accessories designed to enhance gluing precision and functionality.

02 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

The Drupa, the company unveiled innovative Felix Gluer: Duet, a new partnership with Valco Melton

Felix Gluer: Duet, the state-of-the-art addition to the Felix Gluer lineup revolutionises productivity with its double set of gluing heads. This innovative feature allows doubling the speed of work by enabling heads to operate in diverse configurations: they can work simultaneously on the same pattern or mirror a pattern used by a single head. The heads can also operate independently where one head can be parked while the other continues to apply adhesive across the entire work area, optimising both speed and precision.  

Felix Gluer's new melter systems are now powered by Valco Melton, ensuring consistent, high-quality adhesive application across various industries. 

PhotoShape, a newly launched accessory offers unprecedented precision by allowing operators to visually map out glue paths via an intuitive interface, enhancing accuracy and reducing setup times. Discover PhotoShape.

Expanding its range of customisable worktable options, Felix Gluer has introduced three innovative accessories, middle barrier, smart tables, and pin tables, to cater to diverse production needs, from enhanced material handling to adaptive layout configurations. 

These enhancements and new products are designed to transform production lines, offering increased efficiency, reliability, and customisation capabilities. They address the sophisticated demands of modern manufacturing, from automotive to electronics and beyond.

Michalina Zakrocka, CEO of Felix Gluer, said, This year at Drupa, we are proud to not only continue our tradition of innovation but also to expand our capabilities through meaningful partnerships. The introduction of Felix Gluer: Duet, alongside our collaboration with Valco Melton and our new accessory lines, is set to redefine industry standards for precision and versatility in gluing processes."

Mumbai-based Mahisa Packaging Systems is the authorised partner of Felix Gluer. Specialising in cutting-edge packaging solutions, Mahisa Packaging Systems delivers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to optimise manufacturing processes and enhance operational efficiencies.