Drupa 2024: Dachepalli set to install TPH’s Orient Jet digital inkjet press

Hyderabad's Dachepalli Publishers, in a strategic move, has signed a deal to install the four-colour, 17.5-inch wide TPH Orient Jet inkjet duplex press. This installation is a part of the company's vision to cater to their publishing and commercial printing requirements with the latest technology.

05 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

(l-r) Kumar and Kohli confirming the deal with a handshake

This press can run at speeds of up to 200-m/min. TPH Orient Group claims it is one of the fastest and most advanced fully Indian-made presses ever.

Speaking to PrintWeek, D Vinod Kumar shared his plans to complement his company's traditional print production with digital printing. “This change is aimed at better catering to the growing demand for customised content from customers and schools across India in light of new education policies,” said Kumar.

Kumar intends to expand the business significantly by installing additional digital printing machines over the next year. This will enable Dachepalli to capture the entire Indian market by offering content in various local languages and English. "It will also allow us to enter new international markets like the US and UK by facilitating the printing of books from PDFs instantly in different languages," added Kumar.

The Rs 100-crore Dachepalli hopes to double its turnover by introducing new technologies and strategies. "To support the anticipated growth, we plan to modify our existing portfolio of over 5,000 content pieces to the new digital system. We will also need to boost staff numbers and develop enhanced technical and digital skills among employees to keep up with evolving customer needs and the government's digitalisation initiatives," said Kumar.

Rishabh Kohli, managing director of New Delhi-based The Printers House, said, "Being a pioneer in the industry, Dachepalli has partnered with Orient to also act as a demo centre in the South of India for printers who are looking to invest in this crucial technology. We are proud to be able to partner with such an esteemed company and continue to innovate and grow the Indian printing industry."