Drupa 2024: Acme highlights ATAC 2.0

Acme Rolltech showcased its ATAC 2.0 anilox for screen type raised effect and its new ACE - Advanced Channel Engravings for the wide-web industry at Drupa 2024.

03 Jun 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Rajesh Nema of Pragati with Sandeep Sharma and Parag karodia of Acme Rolltech

According to Sandeep Sharma, director, Acme Rolltech, the company, which attended the exhibition for the first time, has, so far, received good responses from the visitors. 

The ATAC 2.0 was launched during Labelexpo Brussels 2023 and the ACE (Advanced Channel Engravings) was launched during Labelexpo India 2022.

At Drupa, the company displayed samples of these for customers. 

Sharma said the ATAC 2.0 helps in achieving the screen type raised effect with Anilox in a single pass. 

“Today, embellishment is required for any product to enhance its shelf appeal. Our unique customised engraving pattern helps customers achieve this result without any expensive investments in screens,” Sharma said. 

He added, “ACE Hex and ACE EL are two unique engraving patterns which help wide-web printers achieve good depth without compromising the sharpness of print results."