Dr Hauke Berndt elected as first chairman of DiWiSH eV

As part of the board elections on 20 October, Dr Hauke Berndt, CEO of PPI Media, was appointed as the first chairman of Digital Wirtschaft Schleswig- Holstein (DiWiSH), the central network of the IT, media and design industries in North Germany.

25 Nov 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Dr Hauke Berndt, CEO of PPI Media

DiWiSH is an industry network that brings together SMEs from the digital economy between the North and Baltic Seas. The association aims to strengthen Schleswig-Holstein’s capacity and image as a technological region and promote the establishment and expansion of SMEs in the technology sector to create more jobs there.

“The digital economy is an important sector that is driving digitisation in Schleswig- Holstein. With 250 members, DiWiSH is the largest industry network of SMEs in the IT, media and design industries between the North and Baltic Seas and a strong voice for our industry. I look forward to developing this position over the next few years,” said Berndt.

In addition to Berndt, the DiWiSH board includes Professor Dr Doris Weßels from Kiel University of Applied Sciences and other representatives of companies and universities in Schleswig-Holstein.