DPA seminar sheds light on GST changes

The Delhi Printers Association (DPA) organised a seminar for its members to speak about the recent changes to the GST that were introduced by the GST council. It took place on 17 September at Har Krishan Singh Surjeet Bhawan, New Delhi.

06 Oct 2022 | By Pooja Mahesh

The seminar focused on clarifying any doubts that the printers have about GST

The seminar focused on clarifying any doubts that the printers have about GST and to explain the applicability of the constantly changing rates and categories among others on different printed products after the issuance of several notifications by the GST council. 

Sunil Jain, former president of DPA, was instrumental in organising the seminar. The event was sponsored by JN Arora Trading Company. 

The seminar was conducted by Mohit Golchha, a CA at AGMS, Ghaziabad and president of Terapanth Professional Forum, Ghaziabad branch. 

Shreel Lunker, a DPA member, introduced Mohit Golchha to the participants of the seminar and spoke about his well-researched GST-related services for the benefit of printers. After being felicitated, Golchha started the seminar with a presentation that explained the intricacies of the recent notifications in a simple manner. Post the presentation, Golchha made the session interactive by having a questions and answers round. By citing relevant examples, he successfully answered different queries including those pertaining to the difficulties faced by printers while making bills and filing returns.

The seminar ended with a vote of thanks from Vijay Mohan, a former president of DPA. He thanked Golchha for his dedication and efforts. He also added that though Golchha does not have any printer as his client, he took time to study GST that related to the printing industry and presented it well.