DMA demonstrates Drupa-launched gravure engraver

Germany-based DMA Innotec demonstrated its Drupa-launched electronic gravure engraver DMA R10-16 at PlastIndia 2018 along with Packz, Cloudflow and testing instruments.

24 Feb 2018 | By WhatPackaging? Team

In India, DMA Innotec is represented by Insight Communications.

According to Alexander Katz, CTO, DMA Innotec, since its launch at Drupa 2016, the company has installed 18 engraves across the globe of which two are running in India at Ahmedabad-based Shilp Gravure and New Delhi-based Roto Master.

Speaking about the top features of the machine, Katz said, “The DMA R10 series has full digital control and runs at constant 8khz engraving speed. It is integrated with the user-friendly Packz PDF-based workflow editor from Hybrid Software for directly accepting PDF format.”