Dina Color Lab installs High Chroma Digital Press from Konica Minolta

Chennai-based Dina Color Lab has recently invested in an AccurioPress C83hc High Chroma Digital Press from Konica Minolta.

07 Apr 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

M Dinakaran (left) with the new machine

M Dinakaran of Dina Color Lab said the company started using the High Croma Photo Printing Press HC70 from 2012 onwards and then, the company has continuously used HC71, HC73 and HC83. Until now, it has used around 30+ High Croma machines. Apart from the High Croma machines, the company has also invested in various Konica Minolta machines, starting from the entry level Konica Minolta 258 to the high-end MGI UV emboss & foil enhancement machines amd AccurioJet KM-1 UV Inkjet B2+ size inkjet printing machine.

Dinakaran has been in the industry since 1990. “We started with the supply of inks and cartridges and with support from all sources, we have grown successfully in the photography industry,” he said.

On the reason why the company decided to invest in a digital press, Dinakaran said, “A company's success depends on how well and fast we adapt with the growing technologies. A digital press was a good opportunity to upgrade from our existing traditional photo printers.”

He added that he is also happy with Konica Minolta's after-sales services. “We have worked with many top brands, but the Konica Minolta team provided us the best sales and service support. That support and trust helped us invest more on Konica Minolta machines,” he added.

He added that the advantages of a Konica Minolta digital press, specifically of the high chroma photo printing press include machine speed, colour re-production, vibrant colours and colour consistency. “The colour productions are exceeding our expectations and it can print a wide range of colours producing realistic photo prints,” he said.

The machine can print 30 photos per minute.

Dinakaran said that the digital technology from Konica Minolta has helped the company grow exponentially and stay ahead of the competition.