DIC celebrates 75 years in India with a sustainable message

DIC India, India's leading printing ink company is as old as the Republic of India. In 1947, DIC took the lead in developing safe and sustainable inks and adhesives. The journey began 75 years ago in a small plant in Kolkata where inks were mixed and produced. Today, DIC India has a significant presence spread across India with four manufacturing plants in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Noida plus a new plant in the western part of India.

04 Apr 2022 | By Charmiane Alexander

Manish Bhatia, DIC

Over 75 years, DIC India's market share has grown steadily. Constant innovations from DIC India have helped it stay at the forefront and be a standard to look up to for the industry. A few weeks ago, Manish Bhatia, the MD and CEO of DIC India told PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? magazines that "As a group we are committed to supporting all our customers."

Bhatia added, "We see India as a country of opportunity for both its domestic market and exports. We are putting a state-of-the-art plant in Gujarat which will strengthen our service levels in western and southern India. We also propose to bring new platforms to our packaging customers in India and abroad, which will be made in the new plant."

A DIC India official shared with PrintWeek that the ink maker has been a partner of choice in the progress of its customers, employees, and supplier partners alike. Leading news and book publications of India, plus local and global brands across segments like food packaging, milk, oil, soap, detergent, bulk packaging bags, and photovoltaic batteries bring their products alive with consumers using DIC inks and adhesives.

Bhatia said, "We at DIC India are proud of being one of the few companies who have played a significant role in the Indian growth story from day one. We take immense pride in serving most of the respected converters and printers in India who have enabled our products to be used to print safe packaging, newspapers, and books for all the valued brands of India." Bhatia added, "Each member of the DIC India family is immensely thankful to our customers for trusting us with innovation in inks and colours and products that help them overcome unique challenges. Our team is committed to bringing world-class solutions to Indian brands and businesses. DIC India has been focused on making sustainability the driving force of our growth. We also appreciate the support of our numerous suppliers who have stood by us in our journey."

Bhatia signed off, "As we complete our 75th year and pause for a moment to mark the rich legacy of DIC India's innovations, it's also a day to commit ourselves to a sustainable future in line with DIC Corporations Vision 2030." For DIC India the future is sustainable.  And the DIC Corporations Vision 2030 means innovating its business portfolio to achieve sustainable prosperity by contributing to creating a greener society and emphasising quality of life.


DIC India highlights

- DIC India (formerly Coates of India) produces 65000 MTPA of inks; the packaging segment performed well in 2021; and DIC India saw healthy numbers in September 2021

- DIC India's plants are in Noida, Kolkata, Bangalore and Ahmedabad and a new factory will be ready by end of 2022

- DIC India helped Indians imbibe the happiness of India's independence in 1947 with its news inks

- DIC India introduced inks for paperboard-based food packaging in the 1960s

- DIC India produced flexible-based food packaging inks in the 1980s and lamination adhesives in 2010

- DIC India is synonymous with ushering innovation through its state-of-the-art research and development centre, one of the regional technical hubs in the Asia Pacific region for the DIC Corporation

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