Delhi’s Flexon Graphics enters into flexo pre-press with Kodak

Delhi-based Flexon Graphics has entered into the flexo pre-press business with the installation of Kodak Flexcel NX wide laminator and wide imager, along with Glunz & Jensen Concept 302 ECDLF Concept 305 P kits. The Flexcel NX wide laminator is for laminating the thermal imaging layer while the wide imager is for flexo CTP. On the other hand, Glunz & Jensen Concept 302 ECDLF is for plate exposure and Concept 305 P is a plate processor.

24 Jul 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Vimal and Deepak Paliwal

The system was supplied by Chennai-based Monotech Systems.  

The system enables Flexon produce plate sizes up to 42x60-inches.   

Flexon Graphics is a partnership venture between the two brothers, Deepak and Vimal Paliwal, working out of a rented premise in Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi in a rented premise. Both have more than a decade of experience in pre-press.

The Paliwal brothers also own an offset pre-press bureau called Guru Ji Graphics.

Vimal Paliwal said as flexo printing is the one of the growing segments, there will be obvious demand for flexo pre-press. Again, he said, flexo pre-press needs certain skills and substantial investment. So there will always be limited players in the segment. “Also, it’s not viable for every printer to have in-house pre-press for narrow web flexo. So, outsourcing will continue. Thus, we will have opportunities,” he added.

According to Deepak Paliwal, another reason they started the flexo pre-press because their existing clients, who have expanded from offset to packaging, especially narrow web flexo, were demanding flexo printing plates.

“We started production in the first week of August. Currently, we supply our plates to around 20 printers. In the next 100 days, we are hoping to increase the number by 60 printers,” Deepak Paliwal added. “We are supplying plates to all over India and have plan for export as well.”

Currently, Flexon is producing plates for narrow web flexo, corrugation and exercise notebooks manufacturing industries.

“Gradually, we will be supplying plates to printers who are using CI flexo printing presses. It is more technical and needs certain technical experience and skills,” Vimal Paliwal said.

About investing in Kodak, he said the company found the Kodak kit to be appropriate because it offers flattop dot without any additional equipment and use of nitrogen. “Also, Kodak plates give better results on CI flexo printing plates,” he said.

The Flexon Graphics team comprises 12 people, including four graphic designers, two production persons, and four persons in marketing, beside the Paliwal brothers.