Delhi’s Prism Printers installs Canon C10000VP

Prism Printers, based in Gol Market, New Delhi, has recently installed a Canon Imagepress C10000VP. The machine was inaugurated on 20 February in the presence of Puneet Datta, director of professional printing products, Canon India.

27 Feb 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

The Imagepress C10000VP is Canon’s first 100ppm machine which has the ability to produce consistent high quality prints on wide variety of media, including texture paper and is recognised as one of the strongest digital colour production printer lineup Canon has ever offered.

“We specialise in printing brochures, catalogues and booklets extensively, catering to the jobbers segment. In the past, we have been using equipments from various digital printing vendors and wanted to differentiate our prints on parameters like print quality with colour consistency and accurate front-back registration,” Vipin Kharbanda, managing director, Prism Printers, said.

Kharbanda said after multiple evaluations, Canon Imagepress C10000VP emerged as an excellent choice for the company, giving it everything it was looking for in one machine. “We are thrilled to have installed the device at our premises and are excited to delight our customers further with enhanced printing experience,” he added.

Kharbanda, along with his brother, started Prism Printers seven years ago. “Since inception, we are committed to and take pride in providing the best quality printing solutions to our customers,” he said.

The C10000VP uses various proven and upgraded colour control technologies like auto gradation adjustment, auto correct colour tone, shading correction and multiple density adjustment technology. This powerful print engine driven EFI RIP Print Servers delivers print speeds of up to 100ppm and consistency at 350 gsm without compromising on quality.

“At Canon, we believe that technological innovations are the keys to drawing a balance between the market demands and trends. Leading by innovation, we are empowering users to adapt to newer technologies and keep them at pace with the global printing practices,” Datta said.

He added that the Imagepress C10000VP has been instrumental in allowing printers to exploit the growth in the colour production market. “It is ideal both for existing customers who have grown their print volumes with the Imagepress series and are now looking for the next step in high quality colour productivity, as well as for other customers who want to take advantage of the changing market demands,” he added.

The Imagepress 10000VP, Canon’s first 100ppm device, has yielded more than 50 installations since its launch.