Delhi's Lakshmi Printographics acquires a GUK K-74 machine

It's one more feather in the cap of Lakshmi Printographics (LPPL). The North Indian print house had recently added a high speed fully automatic sewing machine by Bosid, and now they have acquired a specially configured K 74 KTL from GUK.

11 Feb 2020 | By Sriraam Selvam

(L-r) Jaikumar and Himanshu Nagpal

"We are looking at providing better services to our customers, faster," said Himanshu Nagpal, director at LPPL. "Since we knew Impel-Welbound to be the partners of GUK in India, we have been in discussions with them to invest in a new folder. We finally zeroed in on the K 74 KTL, as the configuration suited our requirements. The machine has been installed and has been working with excellent efficiency," he added.

According to Nagpal, LPPL's main decision-making process, especially about machine investments, is to identify how to deliver faster with better quality. “This has helped us identify the gaps in our capacities and bridging them with the right solution," Nagpal said. Some of LPPL's decisions on replacing old equipment with new have helped the company achieve this objective.

Located in Rai, LPPL is one of the fastest growing and integrated print houses in the NCR. As Arvind Kalasur director-services, of Impel-Welbound said, "The management and the work culture at Lakshmi is synchronised. All processes have a procedure and it is diligently followed." 

He further explained, "In most cases we have to insist on following certain pre-installation procedure. With LPPL, these procedures were already in place."

"Lakshmi Printographics addresses a variety of customers and their requirements, especially in the books segment. These include corporates, automobile companies, educational publishers, religious book publishers, and so on. They need to turn around many jobs on a given day, each one with a certain quality that the customer expects, which LPPL is known to deliver. This requirement has been, at times, challenged by some of the ageing equipment due to wear and tear", Anil Kumar, director sales, Impel-Welbound said.

Based in Wellendingen, Germany, GUK is one of the top three manufacturers of folding machines, globally. They are “numero uno" when it comes to complex, miniature folding machines that find applications in the pharma and FMCG sectors. 

However, their book folding machines are also world-renowned and known to last forever, according to Arvind Kalasur of Impel-Welbound. "As they say, it is not easy to source a pre-owned GUK, as most of the owners do not replace these," he claimed.

LPPL has had humble beginnings with a small printing unit in Nai Sarak, but now provides end-to-end solutions in print services. The company was mentored by the founder Jai Kumar Nagpal and his son Himanshu.